Simply stated, MOO is the definitive dining experience of downtown Otsu.
The spring of 2011, we will support you to everybody commitment of producers as farmers cheer, dining MOO was opened.
Omi cattle Mr. Tahara was brought up lovingly, Mr. Shiota's fresh vegetables stick to the pesticide-free, handsome Mr.Okubo's make Omi rice, Mr. Kashiwahon's onion and Shiga Prefectural Konan agricultural high school students made vegetables for practice etc. You will be welcome by grew up ingredients in the natural at Shiga Prefecture.

Shuji Inoue


There is Japan's three major Japanese beef Omi cattle, a sushi of the original crucian carp sushi with a 1200-year history, Japan's oldest cable car, and the biggest lake of Japan we call “BIWAKO”.

Lake Biwa is the water jug of Kansai for living water. We would like to tell as delicious thing for "Shiga food" and "Shiga Prefecture of vegetables" to lot of people as possible.


Small children also please feel free to visit us together.
Since the small restaurant, it is recommended that you booked.
Thank you.